About us?

A bit of history...

Calçats Alentorn was born in 1939 in Valls, capital of Alt Camp, by Amadeu Alentorn at carrer de la Cort nº20. It was a small place, where espadrilles predominated and were done, also it was an emblemaric family business of the town. 

Calçats Alentorn year 1952

We are currently the 4th generation in charge of the artisanal production of espadrilles. In 2015 we launched our own brand Terra d'Espardenyes, where we recover the logo of the beginnings of the store. After few months of research, in an antiquer dealer we were able to find a lottery ticket from 1947.

We are part of the Association of Artisans of Alt Camp, where we participate in the exhibitions organized by the association and we have the artisan card granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

In 2019 we were named SantJoaner de Valls, a recognition of our entire career related to the festival of Valls and its cultural expressions.

Terra d'Espardenyes.cat

E-commerce of traditional shoes. 

  • We are artisans
  • Personalization of espadrilles
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Our store: 

Located in Valls the capital of Alt Camp, the city origin of human towers and calçots.

The Camp de Tarragona has a long tradition in the field of farming and in this way we maintain the essence of the footwear of our ancestors.

Essence and tradition. 

  • We design the products from the beginning
  • We make part of the espadrilles as it was more than 100 years ago.
  • We customize all models with colours and different styles.